John Kearns


Palm Beach Gardens, FL


A camera in hand activates and stimulates John's passion and creative desires regardless of the venue, subject or techniques. He looks at everyday life, and its surroundings, as if he was looking through the viewfinder of his camera. Possessing a passion to explore, along with the patience to find the unusual in the usual and the extraordinary in the ordinary, John captures what he sees utilizing the capabilities of his camera equipment.

It is John's desire to share his visual expression via photography, whatever the media, i.e., paper, metal, acrylic, canvas or other.

John's work has appeared in numerous juried exhibitions in South Florida and on Long Island, NY. He has won recognition for his wildlife, landscapes, black & white, "Contempo" and closeup photography. A recent photograph of John's was chosen for the 62nd Annual All Florida Exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.


Sunset Wipeout by John Kearns


Start of a day by John Kearns


Sunset surfing by John Kearns


End of the day by John Kearns


Sunset at Mallory Square by John Kearns


Red Tulips by John Kearns


Plumeria by John Kearns


Hemingway's Lily by John Kearns


Amaryllis by John Kearns


Black White Tulip by John Kearns


Snow on Sand by John Kearns


Bubble Reflection by John Kearns


Twirl by John Kearns


Central Park Lake by John Kearns


Mountain Side by John Kearns


Sheep Cliff by John Kearns


Lake Myakka by John Kearns


Florida Wetlands by John Kearns